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                   Following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the United States recognized the independence of Moldova on December 25, 1991 and opened an Embassy in its capital, Chisinau, in March 1992. U.S. government assistance aims to help Moldova strengthen its democratic institutions, increase prosperity, secure its internationally recognized borders, and integrate with Europe and the Euro-Atlantic community.

                 An obvious and well-thought example of such a partnership had happened back in 2013 when for the 1st time in Moldovan history, a prominent American company, specialized in IT-programming, marketing, and website-promotion, named USA Link System, together with a group of initiative and talented programmers from Moldova decided to open a branch office in Balti, the 2nd city after Chisinau.

                 Since then much have changed however a thing stayed unconditionally clear: the collaboration between the two countries and between the two nations born fruit: Moldovan office has grown both in number and in professionalism. Not only the US head office provided the needed equipment for the Moldovan office to function properly but it also offered the help and support for the services the company offers grow both in quantity and in quality.

               This is how step by step, in 2014 on March 7th, the Moldovan office started hiring and the choice was right since today there are more than 30 members who make part of different projects and function as a unique organism where the success of the one depends on the diligence of the other. The company presents a particular interest for the young generation as even being a student one can work part-time and move up the ladder.

             Therefore, it goes without saying that the collaboration between the United States of America and the Republic of Moldova is of great importance for both countries. Hopefully, much more USA Link System offices will be opened in Moldova so that all enthusiastic and willing people will be able to taste from American culture and discover the world of endless possibilities.

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